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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

random bits

I've started the Regia socks for my brother-in-law with the big feet. My husband and my two other brothers-in-law all have the same size feet, about 1.5 sizes smaller than this last one. At least the Regia is knitting up quickly on US 1s, and the stripes keep the stockinette kinda interesting. (Not as interesting as Trekking, though.) These are my purse project.

I've decided that now is the time to start reading to the Future Progeny, so we've started with Kipling's Just So Stories. I haven't read these in years, and I'd forgotten how good they are, very fun and very silly. I think I was read them from an illustrated version when I was little, but this one in the collected works has Kipling's original illustrations, and they are funny. Next up: A. A. Milne. (Winnie the Pooh is our favorite baby shower gift, so last time we owed a present, I went ahead and got a copy for us.)

So last night, while Ben was at work, I sat on the couch, aimed my voice at my belly, and began to read "How the Camel Got His Hump." Both cats turned around and looked at me. It was a little disconcerting. I think they were wondering if I'd lost it and started talking to myself, or if I was trying to tell them something. They both kindly pointed out that they don't really speak English, so if I must read aloud, could I please read in Cat.

Ok, I kind of feel like this is cheating, because I actually finished these socks ages ago. I got my mom to help me take pictures, and for some reason, my computer is freaked out by her camera. Photoshop kept closing down when I tried to open the files, even though they should be just jpegs like any others. In fact, there were three pictures, but I can only show you two, because the third shut down my browser window when I tried to upload it. Three times.

These socks were made from Brown Sheep Wildefoot, color Ragtime, on US 0s, with a pattern I made up. I added beads at the very top with a crochet hook. The lace pattern is Arches and Columns, from one of the Barbara Walker treasuries.

I have finally returned to Ben's huge cabled cardigan after letting it languish on top of the tv for months and months. I am making progress, but until it actually looks like progress, I think it will remain unphotographed. That way it'll look more impressive. During the down time, I taught myself how to cable without a cable needles, and that really helps. Really, really helps.


Blogger Alyson said...

Love the yarn, love the pattern, love the colour, LOVE the beads (nice touch!!)

Is it just me, or is cabling without the cable needle INFINITELY faster? (And less likely to lead to me hurling a superfluous needle at an unwitting stranger.)

12:21 PM  
Blogger aija said...

Lovely red socks!! And I dig the beading, I've got to teach myself howto put them on w/ a crochet hook one of these days (and cabling w/out a cable needle, too!)

2:58 PM  
Blogger Sandra D. said...

Ragtime party! Those are some great socks. I love the color.

3:44 PM  
Blogger rene said...

I really, really love the cabling without a cabling needle. It does seem like it goes much faster, and even if that's just a psychological effect, I'll take it. ;) I tried one way of doing it and didn't like it, but then found a different technique, and since then, I've been all over it. (It was the one at Grumperina's website, btw.)

Thanks for the compliments on the socks! My sister is clearly getting some pretty serious red swag from me this year. The beading with the crochet hook is easy and can be last minute (both good advantages in my mind!) and it looks the same on both sides of the fabric, which I like a lot. The current issue of Knitty has an article that describes how to do it.

10:50 AM  

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