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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

from spindle to skein

Here is the result of my second spindling effort. After filling up the spindle with my single, I decided a good way to skein it would be to wrap it around a book, tightly enough that all the overspun pieces would straighten out. (You can see an overspun piece immediately to the left of the spindle.)

Then I tied cotton yarn around the skein in four points. (I had help.)

Next, I let the yarn hang out in some hot water with a little Soak.

Next, the yarn got hung up with a spritzer bottle full of water to weigh it down. (And in between the last picture and the next, it dried enough for me to rewind it around the back of a chair and wet it again, because the book was just not long enough. The stubby little skein was not being pulled out by the weight of the spritzer bottle.)

Finally, I twisted the dry skein into the familiar shape we all know and love, and then admired it, and made Ben admire it, and taunted the cats with it. According to my calculations, I have 28.5 yards of homespun (whee!) plus whatever's in the first (much smaller) skein. Now, what can I do with 28.5 yards of (thick and thin) yarn?


Blogger Alyson said...

So little of something so's kind of scary! (I love how beautifully it turned out - and it looks very touchable.)

Ummm...face cloth? Oooh, not in wool though, and not with priceless yarn. could do a little felted something, but why on earth would you want to felt anything so precious...knitted coin purse? Tiny teddy bear? Arm bands, wee wrist warmers?

Oh wait! You're having a baby - your "tiny items" list is infinite! Just make sure it's not anything the baby would urp on. That's my problem with knitting for babies...they don't listen to your care instructions, and "Please please PLEASE don't spit up on this" falls on deaf (albeit tiny and adorable) ears.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Maybe a very small little basket, for pennies or something? It looks great! You're very resourceful.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Sandra D. said...

Very cool! Admire it while you decide what to make from it. No suggestions there, though.

5:17 PM  
Blogger rene said...

Thanks for the compliments, y'all! It keeps getting better the more I keep doing it. It's like what mom told me about piano lessons was true. Not that I listened then, of course.

I've been kind of thinking maybe a little baby hat. If it's on top of his head, it'll be harder for him to yark on. (I didn't say impossible, as I do not wish to tempt fate.)

5:56 PM  

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