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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

provisional cast on and such

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on the Eleanora socks! I am thrilled with how they're turning out, and y'all just wait until you see these toes. My husband, kind soul that he is, has already been subjected to having the sock with its Glorious Toe held up to him to be praised and admired, which he did. He wanted to know if the color I used was historically accurate, too. He thinks such nice things about me.

And speaking of the toes, I would have had a picture of all the toe-y glory this morning, except I woke up thirty minutes before I had to be at work and thus had no time for pictures. Believe me when I say I look great today.

Alyson mentioned the horror of being stuck somewhere where you have no contrasting yarn with which to make a provisional cast on, and nary a crochet hook as well. Alyson, I feel you. That was me yesterday, having just finished the Glorious Toe and longing to begin cuff number two. If the pattern says "repeat for second sock," then who am I to disobey? Before you break out the dental floss and start MacGuyvering a hook out of a paper clip, let me tell you what I did yesterday in my hour of need. (Although if you do end up going the paper clip/dental floss route, take pictures!)

I used a plain old long-tail cast on to cast on the required number of stitches. Then I knit the facing rounds as directed by the pattern. When it came time to knit the provisional stitches with the live stitches, I picked up the outside loop of the cast on edge. When I picked up both loops, it looked like ass. With just the outside loop, it's pretty much indistinguishable from the one that I did with the provisional cast on. Does that make any sense? I will be glad to take pictures if that will help clarify.

I have now knit the top cuff for the second sock. I would have knit more last night, but it seems that what I needed to do was fall asleep an hour after I got home, wake up five hours later when my husband got home, hang out with him for a few hours, and then sleep another 5 1/2 hours until thirty minutes before I had to be at work. I have a feeling that the Future Progeny is doing some quality growing right now. I would like to suggest to him that leaving mommy a little time in the morning to take a shower would be nice, but I have the feeling that all the mothers of newborns would just laugh at the very idea of shower taking. Much less all this "sleep."


Blogger Alyson said...

Wow....that kind of sounds like my mornings now. When I get pregnant, I'll probably just have to quit my job.

I eventually went with the loop cast-on, and I didn't hate it, but maybe I'll try the long-tail one for Sock Part Deux.

This is the most fun sock ever so far. I'm sure it's not as fun when you get to the repetitive part, but the top cuff is a blast!

Oh -

12:57 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

It makes sense!

Heh, my SIL and brother have an 8 day old baby at home, so yeah, that sleep thing? All uninterrupted? Hee hee. Not.

5:13 PM  

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