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Thursday, May 04, 2006


I am trucking right along on the next set of BIL socks. I'm using a k3, p3 rib for the entire leg, and it looks great on an actual foot. Alas, I think it looks kinda funny all squinched up when not on a foot. Hey, socks were meant to be worn.

I tallied up my sneaky socks today, and if I count these as 1.25 of a pair, I only have 3.75 pairs of socks left to knit for the Sneaky Sock Project of Aught-Six. During my research for the familial socks, I've come across many, many patterns that I want to knit for myself. So that's up next. (Next as in, 3.75 pairs of socks later, that is.)

And I wasn't able to resist playing with the Kidsilk Haze. It's going to be a Branching Out. Plus, I found some beads that happen to look pretty with it. Not pictured: the world's teeniest crochet hook, the better to drop beads into the couch string the beads on the yarn. There was no way I was pre-stringing on this mohairy a yarn.

I wish I had some sharper needles to use with this. The Denise Interchangeables are sharper than the bamboo or addi options that were my alternatives, but I think I may be checking out the LYS on Saturday to see if they have some Inox or something. I've heard those are sharper. Failing that, I may get out my MacGuyver emory board and do a little Clover Surgery, because I may drive myself bonkers if I don't.


Blogger Chris said...

Heh, I always get the giggles when I knit a plain foot, ribbed cuff sock, too - they look so silly!

11:12 AM  
Blogger rene said...

I keep telling myself, they look good on! The look good on!" Except, of course, that when the recipient sees the for the first time, they'll be off. Oh well.

1:10 PM  

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