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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


They're finished! And I love them! Those who feared that my feet would be ill protected against the wintry chills of June in Alabama, set your mind at ease. The Pomatomus(es?) wouldn't wait, possibly setting a record as the Fastest Sock I've Ever Knit (definitely the fastest patterned sock I've ever knit), clocking in at under a week.

They are made of Trekking XXL color 110, which I love. And it's a good thing I do, because between the leftovers from these socks and the baby sweater, I definitely have enough for another pair of socks. I used US 1s instead of 2s, because I knit loosely, and they fit perfectly.

I have the feeling I will knit Pomatomus again. The end result is gorgeous, and the process is fun. I think part of the reason that they went so quickly for me is that the results of the pattern are so easy to track. It's fun to watch the ribs creeping towards each other, and it's fun to see what color the Trekking will come up with next.

It's possible that I'm easily amused.

Is that frost I see on the bricks? No, it's a paint fleck! A chilly paint fleck. Brrr!

How about a closer look at the heels?

And of course, the toes.

Happy, happy feet. And now, back to our regularly scheduled Great Sneaky Sock Project of 2006, and my brother-in-law's huge honkin' feet. Good times.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

product endorsement of the day

I had to go to the drugstore today to pick up my prescription vitamins*, and while I was there, I picked up a Tide To Go stain pen, on the enthusiastic recommendation of my sister. It was a good thing, too, because I spilled coffee all over my shirt when I got to work, and what do you know? This thing works.

*I'll never stop being gobsmacked that vitamins require a prescription.

The long weekend was very nice. We went to the zoo, ate lots of good food, and I may have ordered more yarn. Ma'am, step away from the computer.

Pomatomus/Orange Roughy is going along swimmingly (heh!) and I fully expect to be able to show you photos in a day or two. Definitely by June 1st, when the frigid Alabama air will necessitate the wearing of wool socks. In my apartment, anyway. When I stand over the ac vents.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

block party

Here are the results of the recent block party: the Very Red socks, the Eleanora socks, and the FP's very first sweater, featuring crappy fauxtarsia as detailed in the last post.

It doesn't look that bad from kinda far away, so let's zoom in a little closer:

Now you can see the semi i-cord "texture" and the horribly distorted stitches that didn't undistort after blocking. Like I said, it looks homemeade rather than handmade. But will I be re-knitting this? No. No, I will not. I can live with it, and the Future Progeny certainly won't care. I'll expend ever so much more thought and care on his next sweater, promise.

I (obviously!) made up the pattern, such as it was. Trekking 110 and 78 on US 1s, less than 1 skein of each (much less, in the case of the 110.) I like everything about it except its focal point, heh heh.

Some things came in the mail this week.

Here you see the Regia I ordered from Elann (the brown is intended for my BIL), the lack of which forced- forced, I say!- me to start the Pomatomus socks earlier this week. More exciting still is the big purple skein lurking behind the Regia. I read this post by Carol, describing unusual sheep breeds, and then mosied over to her shop, where this skein of Clum Forest in Mulberry looked at me with sad eyes until I bought it. It is absolutely lovely, and I have no idea what I'm going to make with it at all. There are about 500 yards. Any ideas?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

random saturday


Joy! One of my favorite things about summer in Birmingham has kicked off for this year, the excellent Pepper Place Farmer's Market. It's early in the season yet, but I got some plums, some grits, and some pretzel bread. I also got a few different types of basil and thyme to plant, and I almost got a Japanese maple sapling (for the amazing price of $15), but its care requirements would not be met in my yard. We get lots of full sun, and that puppy would have fried. I also almost got some strawberries- and they smelled amazing- but the folks in front of us bought the very last pint. Foiled again! Only 2 or 3 weeks 'til blueberry season. Mmmmmm, blueberries.

Block Party

As anticipated, I used the slow time at work to block a few things. The baby sweater, the Eleanora Socks, and the red lacy socks are now blocked and ready for their closeups. Socks I knit for myself I rarely block- they'll be pretty stretched out on my feet anyway- but socks I knit for gifts generally get washed because I've been trying them on my feet to check for size. This time, the red socks benefitted from blocking, as it made the lace more visible. The boy socks that I've been knitting are not getting washed before gifting because they have touched no feet, and the plain old ribbing looks fine as is.

The baby sweater definitely needed to be blocked. Even after blocking, this sweater has an element of looking homemade rather than handmade. That's because of a few "design choices" I made, heh heh. I wanted to do a colorwork design, but I hate intarsia with a fiery, burning passion. So I charted out my design and thought to myself. "hey, if I keep all my lines to 4 stitches or less, I bet I could just twist the line yarn with the background yarn and then float it back over to where it needs to be for the next round!" Which, it turns out, you can do, more or less. However, if that somewhat incoherent description of my "process" reminds you of anything, it may well be i-cord, because that's sort of what the wider sections resemble a little bit. It works beautifully over the sections of 1 or 2 stitches.

The problem with my "technique" became apparent pretty early on. However, I started this sweater on a 6 hour drive, and continued it on a 6 hour drive back, and by the time I was in a position to rip it out and start over working flat, I had 12 hours of knitting invested in that puppy, and it just wasn't happening. I know there are people out there who would think nothing of ripping out and starting over. I've read their blogs and admire their fortitude. On some projects, I would have done the same.


I mentioned my hatred for intaria, burning like a thousand suns. Combine that with the knowledge that this is a baby sweater that will fit for all of a month, maybe, and the knowledge that the Future Progeny, gifted and precocious though I know he will be, will undoubtedly not give a shit that small portions of of his sweater are raised up like fabric paint, and frankly, I just couldn't summon the energy to start over. I've got socks to knit, you know. His next sweater will be a technical masterpiece, I assure you.

Geek Alert

You may not be aware, but I am in fact, a big geek. Not the useful kind of geek, who employs computer savvy, but the other kind. I love comic books. In my youth, I read the superhero kind. Now, I enjoy the more indie variety- the memoirs, the allegories, the ones that sometimes get shelved in the fiction and lit section of your local bookstore. I don't keep up with superhero ones anymore- it's hard to enjoy them if you have any sort of feminist perspective at all, for one, and for another, most have been running for so long, they've exhausted most narrative possibilities, and are really hackneyed. I'm not saying they can't write any good or original superhero comics anymore, but they usually don't. But, boy, I like seeing the superhero movies if they're done well.

Ben and I went to see X-Men: the Last Stand last night. I will agree with critics who have said that it's the weakest offering of the three. I still enjoyed it. It was a fun action movie, and I got to point out a few moments lifted straight from the comic books to my husband, thus confirming my utter dorkiness for now and all time. It did have some weak moments, but it had enough fun ones to be entertaining, and that's all I ask from most movies: to be entertained.

The thing that blew my mind was the fact that the couple that sat down next to us brought their baby. He couldn't have been more than 9 months old. You know, if you can't find a babysitter, maybe sometimes you should stay home, not take your infant to a 7:30 showing of a movie aimed primarily at adults. It reminded me of going to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a movie, if you've not seen it, narrated entirely in Mandarin Chinese, with subtitles. When we went to see it, a number of people brought their wee children. I'm bad at estimating kids' ages, but I would guess mostly under the age of 6. What on earth is a 6 year old going to get out of a subtitled movie, besides frustration and boredom?

Pomamtomus/ Orange Roughy is swimming right along. I'm on sock #2 and it's a long weekend. Wool socks by June, baby.

Friday, May 26, 2006

some trekalong thoughts

I'm trying to figure out what my hikes are going to be for the Trekalong. I say hikes, but what I really mean are walks, because it's already hot here, and it will only get hotter, and I will only get bigger. August's hike will probably feature a nice mosey through the apartment with the air conditioning set on 60. But hope springs eternal, so here's what I'm thinking in terms of actual outside walks:

The Botanical Gardens- they have many beautiful gardens, and little trails scattered through wooded areas. Throughout the gardens, there are benches, where the walker could take a break and knit a sock. It's also hard to get more than 10 minutes away from a bathroom. This is getting more important as times goes by.

Vulcan Park- features not only a giant metal man with a bare ass, but a nice wooded trail. The whole thing has recently been renovated, and I haven't been by since they fixed it up.

The Zoo- OK, this is less and less like a hike, isn't it? But you do walk around, and they have a new lion and a baby zebra and a butterfly encounter... ok, fine I'll just go to the zoo on my own time. ;)

Oak Mountain- a place I haven't been in some years. This features actual real hikes, and also shorter options for the pregnant among us (or, you know other people who don't want to take the longer hikes. I'd hate to be exclusionary), including a wild bird rehabilitation trail, which sounds neat. If they had it the last time I was there, I didn't see it.

So those are some of my options. I may also just mosey around the downtown area some- Birmingham is full of little parks tucked away in the commercial districts as well as the residential ones, and some of the buildings are pretty neat in their own right. I will pack a camera as well as some socks, and I don't know that they're going to be the Orange Roughy/Pomatomus ones. For some reason, I am knitting these like the world will end if I don't have wool socks by the beginning of June (the high today is 87). Next up for the Trekalong: Embossed Leaves in purple, also for me. Next up for the Great Sneaky Sock Project of 2006: some Regia that came from Elann yesterday. Sneaky Sock Project, you're not totally abandoned. I just strayed a little bit.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

sock happens

Well, I started the Pomatomus.

and then I just kept knitting. I really like this pattern, thus far. I thought all the ktbls were going to drive me batty, but what has instead happened is that I have gotten in touch with my inner ktbl, and I don't think they will bug me agan. The same thing happened with k1, p1 when I knit a hat entirely of moss stitch. k1, p1 is my buddy now. (I'm not saying that if I knit Ben a sweater entirely of k1, p1 or k1tbl, p1 I wouldn't get out of touch with it again, but for now, we're cool.) And of course, I love the color. Trekking and me, we're like that.

I also cleaned the bathroom, which leads me to believe that if I had this week off, I could rule the world, if by rule the world, you mean finish a pair of socks and actually clean my apartment. See, if the road to hell is paved with good intentions, there's an entire Rene's Plans to Clean the House Memorial Overpass over the frozen lake. My plans are always good, but there are always better things to do , like read or knit or... anything, really. All this sleep I've been getting at the behest of the Future Progeny has not made me a better housekeeper, just more in touch with my couch. (Hi, couch! We're best buddies now. Too bad you haven't been vacuumed in ages. But before I get the vacuum out, I'll just lie down here for a minutezzzzzz.) I've been told that sometime in the third trimester, the "nesting" urge will set in, and I'll start cleaning like a woman possessed. God, I hope so. It would be nice to have the place sparkling clean for a month or two before the Future Progeny comes and it all goes back to hell.

So I think I'm going to take the baby sweater and a few socks to work on Saturday (when it is slooooooooow as molasses) and block them. I have blocked stuff at home before, but this is what happens when you lay a knit flat:

Everybody likes cat hair, right?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

fo parade

The Eleanora socks in all their glory:

Pattern by Miriam, yarn by Carol. The only modifications I made were to a) knit them on US 0s, because the recipient's feet are small and I knit loosely, and b) pick up the edge of my long tail cast on and knit it to the live stitches to form the facing on the second sock. I don't really think you can tell:

I can't, anyway.

In a mad frenzy of finishing stuff, I finished the Odessa hat (courtesy of Grumperina) for myself. Excuse my crappy self portrait, here:

I love this hat! This is the second one I've made. The pattern is great fun. Last time I made it, Alyson asked if it was fussy because of the beads. It's really not. It does take a few minutes to string them all before you get started, but with the help of a big eye needle, it's not that big a deal. The only fussy part happened when I encountered a knot in the skein and had to restring the remaining beads.

I also wove in the ends of the baby sweater that's been sitting there with loose ends since May 1, but I need to block it before I photograph it, I think.

I went to the doctor this morning, and everything looks good! Listening to the heartbeat is pretty darn cool. I may have, um, started the Pomatomus socks in the waiting room. Oops.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

all over but the finishing

Ooooh, blogger just ate my post. I really should start composing on Word or something. Or would that be too smart?

Here's the short short version. Second Glorious Toe! Yay! More pictures when the light outside is better and I don't have to go to work:

Hmmm, which Trekking to use for the Trekalong?

I'm thinking about doing Pomatomus socks, and I'm leaning towards the orange. What do y'all think? I would feel bad about taking a break from the Great Sneaky Sock Project of 2006, except that:

the socks aren't due until September,

and I only have 2 pair to go,

so I don't. This is probably the beginning of a great chain of rationalization that ends with me frantically knitting over a belly the rough approximate size of Jupiter trying to spit out the last few socks before the baby gets here actually in the delivery room, but I'm doing it anyway.

Friday, May 19, 2006

chocolate bread

If you think you see chocolate chips in there, you do.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

the glorious toe

Observe the way the toe remains in pattern all the way to the tip of the toe, each section becoming narrower. (Please don't observe too closely the crappy quality of the photograph.)

A random observer of my knitting commented yesterday that these socks were "too nice" to wear in shoes and that he thought they would be the first thing on the feet when you got home- "inside socks." I hope not.

Because of how much I love these toes and their awesome patterned shaping, the next pair of socks I make up design is so going to have pattern all the way down the toe.

My husband brought home leftover bread from the restaurant where he works. Leftover chocolate bread. A slice of that toasted with peanut butter is what I may be eating for every meal until it's gone.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

provisional cast on and such

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on the Eleanora socks! I am thrilled with how they're turning out, and y'all just wait until you see these toes. My husband, kind soul that he is, has already been subjected to having the sock with its Glorious Toe held up to him to be praised and admired, which he did. He wanted to know if the color I used was historically accurate, too. He thinks such nice things about me.

And speaking of the toes, I would have had a picture of all the toe-y glory this morning, except I woke up thirty minutes before I had to be at work and thus had no time for pictures. Believe me when I say I look great today.

Alyson mentioned the horror of being stuck somewhere where you have no contrasting yarn with which to make a provisional cast on, and nary a crochet hook as well. Alyson, I feel you. That was me yesterday, having just finished the Glorious Toe and longing to begin cuff number two. If the pattern says "repeat for second sock," then who am I to disobey? Before you break out the dental floss and start MacGuyvering a hook out of a paper clip, let me tell you what I did yesterday in my hour of need. (Although if you do end up going the paper clip/dental floss route, take pictures!)

I used a plain old long-tail cast on to cast on the required number of stitches. Then I knit the facing rounds as directed by the pattern. When it came time to knit the provisional stitches with the live stitches, I picked up the outside loop of the cast on edge. When I picked up both loops, it looked like ass. With just the outside loop, it's pretty much indistinguishable from the one that I did with the provisional cast on. Does that make any sense? I will be glad to take pictures if that will help clarify.

I have now knit the top cuff for the second sock. I would have knit more last night, but it seems that what I needed to do was fall asleep an hour after I got home, wake up five hours later when my husband got home, hang out with him for a few hours, and then sleep another 5 1/2 hours until thirty minutes before I had to be at work. I have a feeling that the Future Progeny is doing some quality growing right now. I would like to suggest to him that leaving mommy a little time in the morning to take a shower would be nice, but I have the feeling that all the mothers of newborns would just laugh at the very idea of shower taking. Much less all this "sleep."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I have reached the toe shaping on the Eleanora socks, and I have to say, as much as I have enjoyed this pattern overall, this may well be my favorite part. The way the decreases are worked into the pattern is so elegant. The pattern retains its overall look while curving in towards the tip of the toe- I love it! I would so rather stay home and knit toes than go in to work. An original sentiment, I know.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

mother's day update

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Mother's Day snuck up on me, and as I work in a florist's, it meant some very long and exhausting days towards the end of this week, with little time for knitting and less time for blogging. Mostly there was time for getting home from work and conking out on the couch. House cleaning was right out. I did get some knitting done.

The first Eleanora sock is now past the heel! This is a very clear, very enjoyable pattern with lots of charts. (I really love charts. I am a fairly recent convert to charts, having begun knitting about 8 yearas ago, and having only found the chart love in the last year and a half or so. Now I chart out patterns myself if they are written out. Graph paper is fun.) It's also easy to memorize. Blogger wouldn't upload my progress picture a few days ago, and now I'm glad, because this morning I took my camera outside and took a slightly more artful shot than my usual "here is my knitting on the couch" pose:

I don't really know what's up with the cherub feet. The belong to one of my neighbors, and are broken off at about the waist. I'm sure they used to belong to an entire cherub, but the years have apparently not been kind, and no one could apparently be bothered to be rid of the poor little feet. Ah, renting.

And another shot of the sock, just because I think it's pretty:

I love the yarn (from Black Bunny Fibers.) The color is gorgeous (thank you, Carol!) and it's knitting up really well, with all the pretty little textured stitches popping out as they are supposed to do. There are subtle variations in the shades of gold, subtle enough that the color and the texture showcase each other. If it's not clear, I'm really enjoying knitting with it. :)

Also, my husband (whose mother's feet these socks will clad) is really impressed with the historical nature of the pattern. He's convinced that she will be head over heels about them. (Thank you, Miriam!) All in all, we're very pleased with these socks here at chez Rocket.

Have a great weekend! I'm going to Mother's Day brunch and the Botanical Gardens, and then to cook dinner with my mother. We'll do Mother's Day with my MIL when she gets back from Scotland. I know she's terribly sad to have to miss it here.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

shopping for baby stuff

I went shopping with my mother to get a few things for the Future Progeny. In a fit of synchronicity, the Yarn Harlot posted this entry. When we went to the local Macy's and got to the baby section, a freaky sight met our eyes. The entire section was neatly bisected into two halves, one overwhelmingly pink, and one completely blue. It was with great difficulty that I found a few things for the FP that were green or yellow, even. Purple was right out, as was a nice bright red, or orange. When my sister looked at our purchases, she said "I notice a theme here." The theme was little animals, because it's either little animals or trucks or baseballs.*

I'm not setting out to deliberately confuse every random who peeks in the stroller. I'm not trying to make them say, "Oh, what a cute little...?" BUT! The little guy surely deserves a wardrobe in more than one hue, right? Surely he won't be into fire trucks and nothing but fire trucks at six weeks of age, and unless he's some sort of prodigy likely to end up in the National Enquirer, I doubt he'll be lugging baseballs through the air before he's two months old, either. And I'm not saying it was better for the little girls, either, just different. Surely it's rather a leap to label a newborn a drama queen? Besides the fact that she may well be screaming all the time, of course.

*I did get him these soccer shoes. My husband plays soccer, and the FP would be getting cute little bitty soccer shoes regardless of gender. But look at the grouping of shoes. The whole store was like that.

**edited to add: I really kind of want to get this shirt, but I feel as though that would be tempting fate in some way.

In more exciting Future Progeny news, I can now feel him moving around. In an earlier age, I believe this was called the quickening. (Please try and ignore any sudden thoughts of Christopher Lampert you might be having). To my surprise, if I lie on my back, I can put my hand over my stomach and feel him moving around from the outside. To achieve this, you have to put your hand in a pretty personal place, so thus far, it's just my husband who has felt the movement. But we stayed up about an hour after we really should have been asleep just feeling him move around in there. It's pretty damn amazing.

What, knitting? The cuff for the 1st Eleanora sock is looking pretty awesome, and I started another Odessa hat. They're like Pringles. You can't make just one.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

socks (and more socks)

I finished another pair of socks for the Great Sneaky Sock Project of 2006. Three more to go! I found out yesterday that one brother-in-law has feet 1.5 sizes bigger than the other two. Maybe he'll get anklets.

I know I talked a good game about being virtuous and finishing all the boy socks before rewarding myself with the Eleanora socks for my mother-in-law. I think as soon as I opened the package from Black Bunny Fibers, I knew that wasn't going to happen. And what do you know:

It's so hard to be virtuous.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


I needed a quick gift for a little girl's birthday. I had been forewarned about the party, but forgot it completely until my husband mentioned it to me on Friday. So I looked around online and found the pattern for Odessa, courtesy of Grumperina. Yesterday morning, I went to the LYS and picked up a ball of Rowan Cashsoft DK, and then to pick up some beads. Here's the end result:

My model is certainly not as cute as the intended recipient, but I don't have a little girl on hand to model for me.

I knit on this with periods of great intensity, but there was still time for a long lunch outside with my family and a trip to the zoo. I finished this morning. I love this pattern! It is interesting and easy to memorize, and the end result is stunning. (I also picked up another ball of Cashsoft in green. Hey, I need a hat, too.) And it is quick to knit. If you need a hat on Sunday, you can start it Saturday. Just, you know, don't count on blocking it.
This yarn is fabulous. I loved knitting with it. I mean, I really loved knitting with it. It's hard to explain to a non-knitter why it's such a fantastic yarn, but I really tried. And my husband listened with at least the pretense of interest, for which I am grateful, even reaching over to pet the yarn when so instructed. Maybe one of these days I'll finish his sweater.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

the yarn made me do it


Look what came in the mail yesterday! I ordered some sock yarn from Black Bunny Fibers, and woo hoo! It's already here. The yellow is called Nana's Linoleum (hee!) and it is destined to become the Eleanora socks for my mother in law(who is currently vacationing in London, not that I'm insanely jealous or anything). The blue is called Lapis Lazuli, and I don't have any solid plans for it yet, except that I feel it is destined to end up on my feet.

The colors are even more beautiful in person than they were on my moniter when I ordered them. I can't wait to knit with this. I may have to break my own little made up restriction and knit the Eleanoras before the next two pairs of boy socks.


And I've begun the Branching Out Scarf. The beads look lovely with the Kidsilk Haze. I'm trying to decide how far to keep adding them. Two repeats? Three? The whole damn thing? I've finished two repeats, and the beads do look pretty, but I am a little concerned about their weight. I've decided to add three beads instead of two on the pattern line I'm adding them because with two, and the line of beads at the base, it looks a bit like a face:

And sometimes it can be an angry face:

"Yes, knitting Kidsilk Haze with blunt needles does suck! You should go to the local yarn shop and get some pointier ones!! GRRRRR!"

I gotta go. The scarf told me to.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


I am trucking right along on the next set of BIL socks. I'm using a k3, p3 rib for the entire leg, and it looks great on an actual foot. Alas, I think it looks kinda funny all squinched up when not on a foot. Hey, socks were meant to be worn.

I tallied up my sneaky socks today, and if I count these as 1.25 of a pair, I only have 3.75 pairs of socks left to knit for the Sneaky Sock Project of Aught-Six. During my research for the familial socks, I've come across many, many patterns that I want to knit for myself. So that's up next. (Next as in, 3.75 pairs of socks later, that is.)

And I wasn't able to resist playing with the Kidsilk Haze. It's going to be a Branching Out. Plus, I found some beads that happen to look pretty with it. Not pictured: the world's teeniest crochet hook, the better to drop beads into the couch string the beads on the yarn. There was no way I was pre-stringing on this mohairy a yarn.

I wish I had some sharper needles to use with this. The Denise Interchangeables are sharper than the bamboo or addi options that were my alternatives, but I think I may be checking out the LYS on Saturday to see if they have some Inox or something. I've heard those are sharper. Failing that, I may get out my MacGuyver emory board and do a little Clover Surgery, because I may drive myself bonkers if I don't.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The red socks are all but finished, except for the weaving in of the ends (much like the baby sweater, which has approximately exactly the same number of ends to be woven in as last time I showed it) and I am now in the process of writing up the pattern. I'm very pleased with how they came out. Now, how to take a really good picture of red socks on my own feet, while getting true color and not too odd a perspective. Hmmmm.

To distract you from the lack of knitting photos, I'm sharing two odd kitty behaviours, one for each of my cats. Flo likes to sit on my lap on the couch, and usually, if we watch TV together, that's where she'll stay. One night, I decided to watch the Discovery channel Ultimate Guide to House Cats (what can I say? I am both a fan of Felis silvestris catus and a big documentary geek), and once the TV kitties started making some noise, I got to see this:

That's the most attention I've seen her pay to television before or since.

Buckley, on the other hand, turns his nose up at mere electronic entertainment. Not for him the enticements of the digital age, except occasionally sitting on the keyboard while I'm trying to type. No, Buckley prefers the sight, the feel of reality, but mostly the smell...

Buckley likes shoes. Not new shoes (which, c'mon, I confess, I love the smell of new shoes, I'd be with him if it were new shoes he liked)- feh! to new shoes. He likes my shoes after I've been at work all day. He likes to sit on them, knock them over, and wedge his little kitty head entirely into them. It is both hilarious and sad (because what does this say about my feet? I have sniffed the shoes and I get nothing, but obviously, to the keener nose of the cat, something is going on.)

Monday, May 01, 2006

i've been working on the baby sweater

I just have a few more ends to weave in.