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Monday, April 17, 2006

weekend roundup

It's fantastic outside right now! Windy and blustery as though it's about to rain, although the weather channel assures me that that's not the case. It really makes me want to be outdoors instead of stuck at work all day. Oh, well.

The Surf Socks are finished and delivered to their intended recipient, my mom, who was very pleased with them. The red socks are still slowly toodling along, and I have cast on and knit bunches on a pair of Trekking XXL socks for my brother-in-law in color 102, which is knitting up so beautifully I may just have to get some more. There is no end to the praise I have been heaping upon this yarn. My husband has been subjected to it, and is now asking me how I really feel about this yarn.

I'm knitting these socks with my replacement Lantern Moon rosewood dpns, and so far, so good. It's kind of exciting, wondering if I'll snap another, or if they're going to hold up.

Easter was full of both family and food, and both were wonderful. The food was delicious, and the family was in rare form. Then we went home and I tripped over a plank of wood and busted up my pinky toe. Why was there a 2"x 4" lying on the floor in our living room? Why, we use it to put behind boards we're drilling holes in. Oh, you mean why was it in the middle of the floor? I have no idea. Some things we're better off not knowing.


Blogger Chris said...

Trekking is so nifty! I don't have that color, but I have 100 (which looks very Noroesque) and 76 and 78 (which are each different shades of purple).

Heh, yeah, it's 70F here right now, but I keep expecting Piglet and Pooh to blow by at any minute...

6:29 PM  
Blogger rene said...

I love Trekking 100! I bought it with the intention of making some socks for myself out of it, but my husband liked it so much that he ended up getting the socks. I keep thinking about getting some more to make some for myself, but then I keep imagining this sentence:

"Honey, I'd like to wear my rainbow socks today. I just need to check and make sure you're not wearing yours so we don't match."

And then I think I'll just make mine out of a different color. ;)

11:40 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oh, I don't think you could possible get them to match with that colorway! :)

3:49 PM  

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