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Saturday, April 29, 2006

there's many a slip 'twixt wallet and LYS

New Acquisistions and Sock Update

I had a number of pictures with which to illustrate this post, but Blogger didn't want me to upload them this morning and now I'm not in a position to try again. I'll try and use links, and we'll see how that goes. I don't have the yarn ball bands with me either, so I make no promises about accuracy. It's all very edge of the seat here at chez Rocket.

I had a bit of a slip up at the yarn store. I had ordered some 6" 2mm dpns (the 7" ones just seem kinda long for all this sockage. How much precious knitting time am I wasting, sliding the stitches along the extra inch of needle? ;) Besides, one of the 7" ones slipped down into the passenger seat of my mom's car on the way back from Baton Rouge- I can see it, but have thus far been unable to retrieve it.) and had to go pick them up at my LYS (which has no web presence that I can find, but it's called In the Making, if you're visiting Birmingham) so of course I ended up getting some yarn as well. (That may well have been the most parenthetical sentence I have ever written.) They did not have Trekking 100, but I didn't let that stop me, and got some Trekking 107 instead.

I also got some Rowan Kidsilk Haze, because... well, because I wanted to. It looked so pretty, and everything I've seen made of it on other people's blogs has looked so gorgeous. I've also heard some gnarly stories about knitting with it, which make me think perhaps getting it right prior to the delightful (really hot and humid) Alabama summer may not have been the best choice ever, but you know, I have AC. I'm also looking at me needles trying to decide which are the very pointiest, because that seems to have affected some people's enjoyment of it. Anyone have a good recommendation for a pretty lace scarf or something that only requires one ball of KSH? I thought about Birch, but decided that I would only invest in one ball in case actually knitting with it gave me the heebie-jeebies. I think all these plain boy socks are driving me to lace.

Speaking of which, the ends are woven in on BIL1's socks, and I have bravely cast on for BIL2's socks with the Regia Line Steps Color pictured here. The medium grey one. It's knitting up very nicely, it's a great carry along project, blah di blah blah blah. (Lace, mmmm.) I also still have BIL3 and FIL socks to go after this. I sort of did most of the fun girly socks first, which may have been a mistake, in retrospect. Now I have only one pair of girly socks left, my MIL's. And, of course, all the socks I'm going to make for myself when I am released from the Great Sneaky Sock Project of aught-six.

And speaking of the socks for my mother-in-law, I have acquired the pattern for the Eleanora Socks, and I think that is what will end up on her feet. She's a history buff, and I believe an Eleanor (of Aquitaine, not Toledo, but still) is one of her favorite subjects to read about, so that makes the pattern doubly appropriate. I am having some difficulty deciding which yarn to use, but posting about it will have to wait until I can get the photos to upload. And anyway, I have three pairs of boy socks to get through before I make that decision, as I have decided to save the fun socks for last, or at least second to last if I just can't hold out. I'm very excited about making these, but... boy socks. Perseverance! I'm trying to be good and not cast on yet more stuff before I finish a few things first.

MacGyver of knitting

I had a tragic accident with my bamboo dpns. One of them started to split at the tip. It was snagging terribly, and as I am not at home, I didn't have replacements on hand. But I did have a nail file, and I am proud to say I broke off the offending piece and filed that puppy down. I'm not saying it looks perfect. It is, in fact, now shorter than all the others, and a bit misshapen and funky looking, but, and this is the key factor: I am knitting with it. I feel cool.


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