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Monday, April 10, 2006

sadly giraffe-free


Those of you who live in the Southeast may have noticed that bad weather was predicted for the weekend. Friday in my area was predicted to be particularly grim, with expected bad weather to begin at 3 p.m., and not to end until the wee hours of the morning. Schools closed early. People cancelled their restaurant reservations. Everyone stocked up on batteries and non-perishable food items, and holed up at home.

When I left work at 6, it was still sunny and beautiful outside.

At about 1:30 in the morning, the wind picked up and rain really started coming down. By 2 a.m., it had passed by, and we all heaved a sigh of "that was it?" (And gratefully, I might add. We were lucky not to get hit like Tennessee did.)

However, between the weather and some unforseen time constraints, our trip to the Zoo was postponed. My fingers are crossed we'll get back there soon, before it gets too hot, and I get too big.


Both pairs of socks are still kicking along. I'm almost ready to turn the heel on Surf Sock Deux, and both red socks are heeled, on two circs, and about an inch into the leg. They're really looking quite good. Due to the use of flash in the pictures below, the color you're seeing is much darker and less vibrant than the socks are in person. These babies are red. Screamingly red. My sister is going to be all over them.

The Embossed Leaves socks are blocked* and boxed. I used the lavender Eucalan Woolwash to wash them, and they smell great. Eucalan works fine for me, but I'm tempted to try out Soak. I'm a big fan of lavender, and don't really find it old-ladyish (as the copy for Soak suggests some might), but I'm always up to try new things. Plus, I'm curious what Aquae would smell like. I'm kind of a sucker for stuff that smells yummy. Even trips to the drugstore can be fraught with danger. "You're only here to get toothpaste! For the love of god, don't go near the bubble bath!"

*I didn't block the EL socks as rigorously as I would ordinarily block lace. (Which, hee, because I've really only done a few lace projects thus far. But they did involve pins. Lots and lots of pins.) I just blocked them as I would block most non-lace knitted items: I washed them, and then laid them out to dry, pushing and pulling them gently into their desired measurements. They'll stretch when on the leg, and look great, but even just sitting there, they look smoother and better blocked. And now that they're all gorgeous, I'm wondering if it might be a bad idea to leave them curled up in their little tin for the next five months. Perhaps I ought to just stash the tin and let them (and of course, all the rest of the gifty socks and gloves) lie stretched out until September. Opinions?


And, well, um... I started another project. A friend of mine recently visited Scotland and brought me back a bottle of scotch (which of course, I won't be enjoying for quite some time) and a very cute wee kilted teddy bear for the future progeny. Such kindness deserves a hat. So I cast on this morning with some Cotton Fleece in Blue Slate, and am now past the ribbing and into a nice relaxing (and hopefully quick, so I can give him both hat and thank you note post-haste) sea of stockinette. And perhaps the best thing about this hat? The yarn came from my stash. I was so damn proud of myself, I ordered three skeins of Regia 4 Line Steps Color, all in subdued colors suitable to grace the feet of my male relatives (most of whom are lawyers or studying to become lawyers).

(And while googling Regia just now, I came across this. I don't really even know what it is. Besides, of couse, sock yarn in a cute box. With a needle gauge? And a sock leaflet? It's a good thing this isn't in my LYS, or I'd have bought it by now despite needing neither a needle gauge or a sock leaflet. Or for that matter, a cute yarn box.)


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