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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

in which socks are joined by booties

Updating the Saga

With regard to the pregnancy brain of yesterday:

3) The delicious lunch of yesterday was still sitting innocently on the coffee table when I got home. It had not been strewn all over the rug, nor was there cat barf everywhere. I could not have been more thrilled.

2) I resent the file to the client again and we figured out why they didn't get the file before. It wasn't that I didn't send it at all, it was that I mistyped the email address. Three times. (They have it now, by god!)

1) I have no excuse for forgetting an entire letter of the alphabet.

Cool things that have happened today:

1) When I woke up this morning, Ann and Kay were on the local news! I was very excited. It turns out they will be (sort of) close to me, doing a book signing in Helena, but I won't be able to make it. :( Curse this paying job!

2) I remembered my lunch today.

Booties and Stuff

I started a baby bootie last night. It is officially the first thing I have knit* for the future progeny. That's kind of exciting.

*It is not, however, the first thing anyone has made for the future progeny. THE VERY DAY we told my mother in law the news (which was, by the way, the very day we found out the news) she had a catalogue out for our perusal, trying to assess which cross-stitched bibs and baby blankets were most to our taste. This was, I confess, not something I had ever turned my thoughts to. The results of the decision, which are progressing apace despite her threats that these may be wedding gifts for the FP, are very cute.

My mother, not to miss out on the grandmotherly fun, has lifted a needlepoint canvas for the first time in decades so that the FP will not lack a handmade christmas stocking when the yule season hits. My sister in law is considering taking up quilting for the FP. He or she will be starting life out with an abundance of hand made love. It's pretty amazing to think of, actually.

And a week from today, we find out if the FP is a boy or a girl.


Blogger Chris said...

First, I love the nickname "Future Progeny"! :)

Bonus about having your lunch yesterday. Life is always better with lunch.

Wow, the FP is going to be SO SET!

8:27 AM  
Blogger rene said...

Seriously! This kid is coming into the world with some good stuff. And also, thank god, some hand me downs. ;)

1:14 PM  

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